Gift Guide for Book Nerds

Yep, it’s only the beginning of November, but this year, I swear I’m going to be finished my holiday gift shopping by the end of this month. I SWEAR. It’s not that I’m a December 23rd or 24th shopper, but running around all December trying to cover everyone on my list and fighting for parking spots doesn’t appeal at all. And because it’s early November, I can get a jump on shipping and not have to pay exorbitant amounts for last-minute shipments around the world.

If you’re looking for gifts for the book nerd in your life besides the usual books off their wish list or an Amazon gift card - or you ARE the book nerd in your life and you need ideas to give other people - I’ve got you covered with an extensive list of bookish gifts. (It’s Austen-heavy because that’s kind of how I roll, but other books are represented, don’t worry!) I’ve tried to choose companies and/or products that I already have good experiences with, so I can vouch that all of these things are as awesome as they look!



Out of Print

I love everything Out of Print does. They have clothing for men, women, kids, and babies, as well as bags, mugs, and décor. And proceeds from every sale go to literacy programs in underserved communities! Top picks: library card socks, pennants, and comfy t-shirts (women | men/unisex). (Size up on the clothing, by the way. I’ve gotten a T-shirt and a sweatshirt from them and they do run small.)


Reading Is Sexy

Yeah, it is! Old-school Gilmore Girls might recognize this as part of Rory Gilmore’s wardrobe in the original run. (I had to have this shirt back in the day.) This design is available in different colours in men’s, women’s, and unisex sizes, and there are mugs, pins, and bumper stickers as well.


litographs scarf.jpg

If you ever find yourself without a book, hope you’ve got a Litograph product on you so you've got something to read! The whole text of popular novels is printed onto shirts, bags, scarves, and posters. Their scarves are super-soft and really lovely, and the totes are excellent quality with a pocket inside (a bit different from the standard canvas bag).

Etsy finds

Etsy is a rabbit hole that you can easily spiral down if you start looking for bookish gifts. But to get you started, here are two of my faves. The Book Lovers' Mantra T-shirt with "Just one more chapter" repeating speaks to me (how many times have I said that to myself?). And speaking of standard canvas bags: if you’re going to get one, make it cute and fun. This "My Weekend is All Booked" one is delightful. 


Mrs Peggotty Arts

For the crafter in your life, there are cross-stitch patterns and colouring pages of your favourite authors and characters. Fun stocking stuffers!

Pemberley Pond

I love this bookish art from two Italian sisters. The Pride & Prejudice poster and the Moby-Dick poster are hanging in the bedroom (my husband has a PhD in American lit - you have no idea how much Moby-Dick paraphernalia there is around the house). The posters would also be adorable in a nursery. And how cute are the cards and the little pouches and the Jane Austen doll?



Castle on the Hill

I first came across Jess Purser’s art on Twitter with her beautiful Austen heroines on their book pages – the Catherine Morland one is just perfection – but her ’50s drawings are equally charming and I love the moodiness of her Pacific Northwest paintings.




First Edition Teas

Delicious teas blended by a tea sommelier. The packaging is just lovely too.

fet 1.jpg

The Literary Emporium | Etsy store 

Lots of quirky stuff here for book lovers. Pencils, pins, jewellery, and more.

Secret Safe Books

Keep a hidden stash of alcohol or just secret things away with these meticulously cut-out hollow books. I bought my brother a Hemingway one (with a flask, of course) for emceeing my wedding.

Ex Libris bookplates

ex libris.jpg

A fabulous customized gift for the reader who values the tactility of the physical book over ebooks. You can find these in a stamp or bookplate all over Etsy to match the recipient’s interests or style. Are they into writing? pirates? creepy owls? Do they like Art Deco style? something clean and modern? vintage? Want one with their face on it? Literally anything you can imagine, you can probably find it in an ex libris plate.


Little Free Library

There’s a little free library in our neighbourhood and it’s a great way to share a love of books with the whole community. If you know someone who’s always talked about having a little free library and you feel like going BIG for a gift ('cause these ain't cheap), buy them one! Or if you’re handy, build one (free plans here) and register it for them ($40).



Do you have any other amazing literary gifts that you've given or that you want? Put them below or leave a comment over on Facebook or Twitter!