Two Melanies, Two New Works

Two of my clients have new stuff out this week, and both are named Melanie! What are the odds?


First up is Melanie Ting, a fellow Canadian, and a hockey romance writer. Known for her Vancouver Vice series, she’s got a hot story tangentially related to the series in the new Hockey Holidays anthology called “My Best Worst Boyfriend.” The story is about Em, an uptight economist who takes a rough-around-the-edges hockey player who she finds boorish home to her parents’ for the holidays to show them that any future boyfriend of hers would be better than this guy. It…doesn’t quite go to Em’s carefully thought-out plan.

There are a ton of other stories in the anthology as well and proceeds from the sales go to charity!


The next Melanie is Melanie Rachel, who has a brand-new Jane Austen variation, Drawing Mr. Darcy. The first part is out now; Part 2 is out on November 20. Yes, a two-parter — it’s a long one, folks, but a good one! In it, Elizabeth Bennet is adopted by her rich, forward-thinking aunt and uncle and grows up with them instead of at Longbourn and has all the opportunities that wealth and cleverness grant her. What happens when she goes home to visit her Bennet family after years away? Things get even more complicated when Mr. Darcy - who she’s never met before, even though he’s the brother of one of her dearest friends - arrives at Netherfield.

Congrats to my Melanies! I loved working with both of you!