New boxset from Kate Bigel!


I’ve been working with Kate for a while now in re-editing her Daimon Soldiers series, about half-human, half-shifter soldiers from another dimension who settle on Earth. We started at the end with Gusion, the third in the trilogy, about the fun-loving, cosplaying class-clown type, who finds his match with a woman from his home dimension. Then we went back to the beginning with Naberius, the first in the trilogy, about the general with PTSD who was exiled from his home and the human woman he falls in love with. Lastly, we have Maelcom (my fave of the three) because our hero is quiet and dark and brooding, and his partner is a carefree artist who rolls with the awareness of Daimons and other supernatural creatures without blinking an eye. All three books are available individually or in the boxset (which is also on KU). If you’re a paranormal reader who loves shifters, these are for you!