Heather Moll's His Choice of a Wife released by Meryton Press!

Heather Moll's debut novel His Choice of a Wife is now available! Working on this one for Meryton Press was a big deal for me because Heather was a very dear friend of mine even before we started editing and she was my travel buddy for my recent Jane Austen trip to England! And she impressively STAYED my friend after both of those experiences (which included many close calls in which I nearly killed us driving on extremely narrow British country roads), so you know that's friendship.

Heather originally posted this story online years ago and I still remember the first time I read it - I was early in my Austen fanfic obsession and reading everything I could get my eyeballs on (which was a LOT), but I can vividly recall being up at midnight nursing my tiny baby, totally engrossed in His Choice of a Wife. The fact that I can remember this story out of all the fanfic I was reading then, during the most sleep-deprived time of my life, means it's something special.

It's available in ebook and paperback on Amazon now. I hope you love it as much as I do!