The Life of an Editor, as exemplified by the current state of my desk

On my desk right now:

  • two mugs 
  • one glass 
  • one bowl 
  • notepad 
  • random slips of paper with scrawled notes that make no sense to anyone but me
  • post-it on wall with half-finished to-do list
  • one laptop, open, that is going to get thrown across the room if it doesn't stop crashing Word already OH MY GOD 
  • on said laptop, which has somehow miraculously remained on the desk and intact: 
    • inbox slowly going out of control
    • multiple tabs open in Safari on how to format Kindle books, Facebook with seven notifications, blog
    • multiple tabs open in Chrome for fanfic stories I haven't started and/or finished reading yet
    • Post-it app with a long, long list of books on my TBR pile to gaze at longingly
    • multiple Word docs open with stories that are being edited or formatted for publication and their style sheets
    • Calibre to prepare mobi and epub files
  • iPad to check how the formatting looks on the mobi and epub files
  • not pictured: one exhausted editor crashed out on top of desk at 2 am