Hi, I’m Sarah, the editor here at Lopt & Cropt. Welcome!

I edit for indie and self-published romance writers. With a deep understanding of the tropes and construction of romance stories, I provide careful, thoughtful, and supportive developmental and copyediting services to Romancelandia. Championing a progressive, feminist viewpoint, I love working with like-minded writers to help bring their best story to life and find their publishing HEA while inspiring their readers.

I offer:

  • A FREE 15-page sample edit so I can learn more about how you write and how to best support you – and so you can see how I work too!

  • Introductory survey to understand your goals for editing and for your book

  • A style sheet to keep track of formatting, spelling, etc.

  • Video chat after I send edits back so we can make sure we’re on the same page (if you’re not one for the mouthtalking, we can chat over email instead)

  • Advice and resources for publishing gleaned from my constant research of the romance industry and its trends in my bi-weekly newsletter and blog

  • And of course, an awesome editing experience with careful, constructive edits that will help you bring your writing to the next level and feel confident in your work

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