Privacy Policy


I am a freelance editor registered as a sole proprietorship in Ontario, Canada, operating as Lopt and Cropt Editing Services. I provide editing services and coaching services to authors and businesses worldwide.

I collect information from you in order to

  • Respond to requests for information

  • Enter into a contract for editing services

  • Allow you to sign up for my newsletter

  • Determine how people use my website 

If we work together and enter into a contract (standard for editing services), I collect the following information from you:

  • Your legal name 

  • Your pen name, if you’re using one

  • Your address

  • Your email address

  • Other information that allows me to communicate with you, if necessary (for example, your phone number if you prefer to speak on the phone, or your Skype username if we talk via Skype)

All this information remains confidential. I don’t share your information with anyone without your express permission and will absolutely NOT sell it to anyone. The information I collect is solely to provide the necessary components to a contract and/or to communicate with you. 

Any files (manuscript drafts, contracts, etc.) that we share are saved on a secured computer and hard drive. These files are confidential and are not shared with anyone without your consent, unless I’m legally obligated to do so. Should a security breach occur, I will inform you within 72 hours if your information is at risk.

I do not delete client information unless explicitly asked because I work with many of my clients on a repeat basis. Per the Canadian Revenue Agency, I keep records for six years.  

My website uses cookies so that Squarespace Analytics and Google Analytics can track how people use the site and what the most high-traffic pages are. What cookies, Squarespace Analytics, and Google Analytics do not do, however, is collect any personal information from users who end up on here. You can change your settings if you do not want my website to store cookies about your usage here.

I use the following services to store data: 

  • Squarespace is my website host. My website is password-protected and has HTTPS/SSL security. Here’s Squarespace’s privacy policy.

  • Google Mail is my email service provider; I also store some information in Google Docs. Any device I have that has access to my email is password-protected. My email is protected with two-factor verification. Here are Google’s privacy policy and data processing terms.

  • MailerLite is the email marketing service that distributes my newsletter. It requires a double opt-in to ensure that you consent to be on the list. It captures your IP address, location, date, time, and the source of the consent form when you sign up. You can unsubscribe at any time. If you wish to unsubscribe and remove all of your information from MailerLite permanently, I can do that for you; just get in touch. This is MailerLite’s privacy policy.

  • PayPal is my password-protected online payment service. Here’s their privacy policy.


If you have questions regarding this privacy policy or want your information removed, please contact me here.



This privacy policy was last updated on December 23, 2018.