Work With Me


Editing Services

Send me 15 pages from your manuscript, and I’ll be happy to edit for spelling, grammar, and style, and offer general comments! This sample edit will give you a sense of my editing style and give me a feel for your writing.

From there, you decide which package best suits your needs and your budget:

Line Edit

A line-by-line read-through of your manuscript focusing on language, flow, style, phrasing, and clarity to tighten up your prose and make your story sing.

Manuscript Critique

A report highlighting what works and what doesn’t in your story, and suggestions on how to tweak. This is a high-level overview of your plot, structure, characterizations, and other story elements, not a proofread that focuses on the tiny details.

All-In Edit

The detailed aspects of the Line Edit package plus the big-picture evaluation of the Manuscript Critique package for a thorough analysis of your story.

The Final Cut

One last pass through the manuscript after you’ve made all your changes to make sure it’s in tip-top shape before publishing/submitting. (Only available to clients who have already purchased either the Line Edit or the All-In Edit.)


Want the full-on developmental editing experience working from a tiny germ of an idea to a fully-grown book? Want just a quick proofread? Something in between? Let's figure out what you need.

Other Services

Book Coaching

Sometimes you just need a person to bounce ideas off of, especially in the early stages of a book project. Or maybe you just want some help organizing your thoughts into a cohesive outline. We'll chat and get things in order so you can go off and write.

Marketing Brainstorming

You've got this amazing book - now what? We'll discuss social media strategies, ads, and other ways to get your book in front of your ideal readers.

Pricing and Payment

After the initial sample edit, I'll prepare a quote based on the package you choose. If you want to inquire about pricing beforehand, please feel free to get in touch - no strings attached, no obligation.

I accept payment by Paypal. Half of the balance is due up front, and the other half is due when all my work is completed.


I pride myself on quick turnaround times (within two weeks) and can promise you that you will not be left hanging for months. Once you’re ready to sign on and have chosen your package, I’ll include an estimate in your quote as to when you can expect your manuscript back.


I love me some romance of all kinds, especially historical, contemporary, erotic romance, New Adult, Young Adult romance, and Austenesque fiction (JAFF).

Please note that I will not edit stories featuring dubious consent, rape romance, torture, incest, or bestiality, or stories that overtly or tacitly endorse hatred or discrimination toward any group based on race, creed, sexual orientation, disability, or other quality.