I'm so grateful to work with so many wonderfully creative people and so honoured that they entrust me with their words. Here's what some of them have to say about my work:




I came to Sarah with a rush copy editing job, and she tackled it with enthusiasm and care. She turned it around quickly and returned a carefully edited manuscript and a great style sheet. Thanks, Sarah! - USA Today best-seller Jenny Holiday, author of Once Upon a Bride


When I decided to self-publish my first novel, I wanted to find an editor who would treat my book with the same love and care as I did. Sarah fit the bill perfectly. She dove into the project with passion and enthusiasm from the very moment we began working together. She’s patient, thorough, and her attention to detail is outstanding. Sarah offers services that go way above and beyond other editors in the industry, such as a video chat to ensure you’re both on the same page, and an extraordinarily helpful style sheet. Not only is she amazing at what she does, she’s also an amazing person who’s become a great friend. I strongly urge you to give Sarah a shot because she’ll make you a better writer! - Julie Evelyn Joyce, author of Steeped in Love, winner of the 2019 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize in Romance


I worked with Sarah on my debut release, All the Things I Know, and the process was a joy! Sarah is thorough in both line editing and bigger picture story structure and characterization. She finds and questions weak points down to the smallest detail and because of her eagle eye, I put out a book that is 10000% stronger. She is also a great listener and if something doesn't work, helps find a way for me as an author to rewrite as I intended to sound. She delivers her advice in a diplomatic, easy way that's easy to receive. I've even had reviewers mention my book is error free! Thanks, Sarah! I will work with you again! - Audrey Ryan, author of All the Things I Know


I like to think that since I have a Ph.D. in English, I know how to write—but what my studies have also taught me is that good writers need good editors. Sarah's work on my second novel, Courage Requires, caught an important continuity error and helped me vastly strengthen a pivotal scene that was weak in the draft. I knew it, but was unsure how best to correct it. Having Sarah as a sounding board was invaluable. In addition, her proofreading skills were a great help to a very tired writer. I highly recommend Sarah's editing services. - Melanie Rachel, author of Courage Requires and Drawing Mr. Darcy


If you are looking for an editor, you can't go wrong with Lopt and Cropt. Sarah combines attention to the details of the text, not just grammatically, with sensitivity to the ebb and flow of the text.

Always willing to discuss any knotty problems, always available and always on time, never once missed a deadline—friendly, accurate and efficient. I could not have wished for a kinder “first time.” - Catherine Lodge, author of Fair Stands the Wind

Sarah's editing is consistently sharp and precise. Her feedback and suggestions always help the story. Her questions about issues with the story and are always phrased with appropriate consideration to the sensitive author. I have enjoyed working with her but most of all have loved how much better she makes me as a writer! -Kate Bigel, author of The Daimon Soldier series


Sarah returned my manuscript, on time, with a suggestion sheet that enhanced my book and has helped me as a writer. She managed to edit my manuscript without losing my voice, which is invaluable to an author. Sarah is a pleasure to work with and has a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend her as an editor. -Linda Blanchette, author of The Trails That Led to You and Dear Father Christmas

Sarah is the best kind of editor you could ask for. She is professional and has a great eye for detail, including finding those grammar inconsistencies everybody has trouble with sometimes. She goes above and beyond in her work, making sure that your writing is something that you will be proud of. She is incredibly encouraging and supportive, offering advice and suggestions but never overstepping her boundaries as an editor. Her quick turnaround times are fantastic, her notes are thorough, and she has the ability to bring anybody's work from one level to another. My skills as a writer have vastly improved with her editing talent and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I can't imagine using anybody else but her for any of my future projects. - Juliana S.

Sarah possesses unique capabilities as an editor in that she is able to fix the finer points of prose while at the same time keeping one eye on the overarching story. If something runs on too long, she tells me; if something needs to be clarified or expounded upon, she tells me that too, all the while fixing the grammar goofs that make us all look bad. My recommendation to anyone considering hiring her would be to give her just one chapter—that was all it took for me to realize she was something special. The first time I gave her my story, I was immediately impressed by how much better and cleaner my work sounded after one pass with Sarah. Your work becomes her work too, and she wants to make it the best it can possibly be as much as you do. 

From a practical aspect, she doesn't make promises she can't keep and she works hard, balancing her commitment to her writers with the demands of young family life. She keeps open lines of communication between us and I don't have to worry that she'll disappear with my work and ignore my emails, which is a problem with some less-than-professional editors. She is a kind and generous person who is a pleasure to work with. - Amy D.

In addition to working with romance fiction writers, I also often work with social media influencers and entrepreneurs on their websites and courses.

Sarah's work is like the missing piece you find under the couch from a Christmas puzzle you're trying to complete. Her advice and feedback make work whole. She went above and beyond to help hundreds of entrepreneurs get closer to their dreams and run successful businesses. When we lacked the right words, she taught us how to find them. - Jasmine Star, business strategist


I'm so grateful to Sarah, who oversaw the media bio editing program in Impacting Millions! She managed eight editors who, along with herself, edited many hundreds of bios. She gave excellent recommendations on creating a streamlined process. She was an all-round pleasure to work with. Thank you, Sarah! - Selena Soo, publicity and marketing strategist